Prep Week: 1 July 2024

Challenge Start: 8 July 2024
Challenge End: 10 August 2024

Registrations Close: 31 June 2024

"Today's actions are tomorrow's results"

  • GET RESULTS - Our Program Works
  • Shred program available
  • Feel FIT and HEALTHY again
  • Create new memories, make new friends & have a great time!
  • Achieve self success (mentally & physically)
  • Become fitter, stronger & more mobile
  • Be Apart of a Supportive & Uplifting Community
  • Be a role model, inspire yourself and others!

"I would also like thank all the staff for all the encouragement along the way. As this was the first time in a gym I was a bit out of my comfort zone to say the least. I totally loved the experience and it felt more like a big family than a gym. I had lots of fun and met lots of new friends. Thank you, you guys are running a great show." - CG

“Where do I start, Shaun is a legend and one hell of a coach. He and the ETS Compound team have given me my life back. For years I was overweight, unfit and diagnosed as a type two diabetic and told to take 2tablets a day, since joining the ETS compound 4 months ago, my sugar levels have been perfect and I haven’t needed to take any tablets, WINNING in my books and I’ve managed to loose 25kg in this time. Let Shaun help you take back control of your life! Much ❤️
 coach” – RT

Check out the massive inclusions for this challenge:

✓ 5 Week Full Access ETS Compound Membership @ discount weekly rate (for non members)
✓ 2 x Evolt 360 Body Scans
✓ 5 Week Nutrition Shred Plan
✓ 5 Week Shopping Lists
✓ 200+ Page Recipe Booklet
✓ Supplement Guide
✓ Personal Psychological Handbook
✓ Strength Programs via our APP
✓ Weekend Adventure Bootcamps
✓ Weekly Set Goals/Challenges
✓ Pre Challenge Meet & Greet Event
✓ Pre Challenge Info Seminar
✓ Before and After Fitness Testing
✓ Before and After Transformation Profiles
✓ Online Coaching and Support Group
✓ Coach Check-Ins Weekly
✓ Over $2000 in prizes


"If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you"

And our experienced team would love to support you in the process...


We have many many transformations to share, our challenge programs work! Check out just a few of our incredible transformations below from some of our amazing ETS members.