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“I have never been a gym person but from the first day I walked in I felt comfortable and wasn’t being judged on my body size, weight, the amount I could lift ect… You all make the ETS Compound a very comfortable place and you and the team are so very supportive” – HA


    We have versatile memberships including: family, emergency services and FIFO memberships.


    Our workouts are for all fitness levels from the complete beginner to the overall athlete, we can help you!


    Strength & Conditioning, HIIT, Circuit Based, Mobility, Yoga, Obstacle Course Racing, Speed, Agility & Power, Boxing + Bootcamps.


    Can't always attend a class? Then swipe in anytime and complete a workout from our training app or your personalised program.


    Training before work or within your lunch break? Make it easy and convenient with our showers and amenities.


    We have creche available AM & PM Monday to Friday + AM on Saturdays


    Recover with your mates and enjoy 45-60 minute sessions in our Normatec Recovery Boots. Recover from your sessions like the best athletes in the world do.


    Relax pre or post workout with your friends and enjoy our amazing coffee from our barista. We also do protein shakes, zuper doopers and much more!


    We provide our members with the best supplements in the world such as ATP Science, Cyborg and True Protein

Quick and Easy

A hero: is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles

  • Shaun Arnold - Founder

    My name is Shaun Arnold and I am the founder of ETS Compound. I have a strong passion for health and fitness. For the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of helping people reach their health and fitness goals.

    There is nothing more rewarding than being apart of a community where I can work with people to achieve their goals and the satisfaction of being part of their success, when they reach the goal they never thought was possible.

    Favourite Food: Churrasco and a sneaky skewie
    Favourite Exercise: Cable Reverse Lunge Row and of course the BURPEE
    Least Favourite Exercise: Thrusters
    Proudest Moment: Opening the ETS Compound, providing a non-judgemental, safe, comfortable and inclusive training facility.
    Favourite Class Type: Battler and Bustler
    Favourite Movie: Supertroopers or Happy Gilmore
    Non Fitness/Sport Hobby: watching it
    Favourite Music: Shaun's hitting mongrel playlist on Spotify
    Inspirational Person: My old man
    First Job: Washing Golf Buggies at Yeppoon Golf Club age 12

  • Kristy-Lee White - Assistant Manager

    Health and Fitness has been a big part of my life for 10+ years. I enjoy all aspects of Fitness including ETS Classes, Hiking, Mountain biking, Road Cycling, Water Sports and walking my two dogs.Being a Personal Trainer at ETS Compound is such a rewarding job. Challenging my clients every week to ensure they achieve their goals.I really enjoy coaching classes as well, motivating and pushing members to get the most out of the workouts.This really is the best job, and the best facility!

    Favourite Food: BBQ Beef Ribs

    Favourite Exercise: Barbell Snatch

    Least Favourite Exercise: Squat Thrusters

    Proud Moment: Rebuild Challenge Winner 2020 (as a member)

    Favourite Class: Dabbler

    Favourite Movie/TV show: The Blind Side
    Favourite Music To Train To: 80/90s HipHop/Country
    A Non-Fitness/Sports Hobby: Camping & 4WD
    First Job: Hairdresser
    Someone Who Inspires You: Tia-Claire Toomey

  • Clay Esler - Coach / Trainer

    Hi I am Coach Clay,
    I have always been extremely passionate about health and fitness, and have been participating and excelling in a variety of sports from a young age.

    I have always known that I wanted to work in the fitness
    industry and ETS allows me to coach and instruct people to help build the foundation of their fitness. I love motivating people to push themselves out of their comfort zones, as I know that is where the best results are. created.
    Favourite Food: Nachos and anything spicy.
    Favourite Exercise: Power cleans
    Least Favourite Exercise: Anything kipping
    Proudest Moment: Being apart of a community where I can inspire people to be better and seeing the results of mine/their work on a daily basis
    Favourite class: Delter

    Favourite Movie/TV show: The Office
    Favourite Music To Train To: Metal/ Hip-Hop/EDM
    A Non-Fitness/Sports Hobby: Playing guitar
    First Job: Shoe retailer at City Beach
    Someone Who Inspires You: David Goggins

  • Kelly Shadlow - Coach / Trainer

    Hi, I am Kelly and I am a trainer at ETS Compound.I graduated high school at Toowoomba Grammar in 2021 where I completed my Cert 3 and 4 in fitness along with my other studies.

    Since graduating I jumped head first into working in health and fitness.My passion for health and fitness began through sports in particular, rugby league. I have gained a lot of knowledge through my sporting pathways which helps me to be a better trainer.

    Favourite Food: Free food
    Favourite Exercise: Deadlift
    Least Favourite Exercise: Push Up Kicksits
    Proudest Moment: Achieving the top grade for general math in my school
    Favourite Class: Dabbler
    Favourite Movie: Step Brothers
    Non Fitness/Sports Hobby: Watching movies & relaxing
    Favourite Music To Train To: EDM/Hardsytyle
    First Job: Casual at PetStock in high school
    Someone Who Inspires Me: Mum

  • Brittany McHugh - Instructor

    Hi I am Britt and I am a trainer at ETS. I started as a member a little over 3 years ago and have loved it ever since.
    I have always been involved within fitness and sport. I have played nearly every sport under the sun and enjoy being fit and active. This tied in with my desire to understand the human body and how it work lead me to be an Occupational Therapist for the past 7 years.

    From being an OT I found my love for helping people. This lead me to become a trainer at ETS as I was able to continue helping people on their fitness journey!

    Favourite Food:
    spaghetti bolognese
    Favourite Exercise: resting, kidding 😏 anything with a medball/sandbag
    Least Favourite Exercise: kicksits!
    Proudest Moment: hitting the triple figure club with deadlifts!
    Favourite Class: dabbler or delter

  • Dayne Shadlow - Receptionist

    I am Dayne and after completing my cert 3 and 4 in fitness at Toowoomba Grammar in 2020, it has always been a dream to work in the fitness industry and help people achieve their goals. It is what I am most passionate about.

    Favourite Food: Zinger box

    Favourite Exercise: Handstand push ups

    Least Favourite Exercise: Back Squat

    Proud Moment: Representing Queensland for rugby union

    Favourite Class: Dabbler or delter

    Favourite Movie/TV Show : Step Brothers

    Fav music to train too: Rap or EDM

    A non-fitness/sports hobby you enjoy: Sleeping

    First Job: Laying turf

    Someone who inspires you: My Mum

  • Chloe Williams - Receptionist

    Hi I’m Chloe I am currently still completing highschool and studying my Cert 3 in fitness and childcare. I started at ETS as a future member when it first opened and now work reception in the afternoon's and fill in, in the Creche when needed.

    Favourite Food: Sushi

    Favourite Exercise: Monkey Bars (cause I don’t fall off)

    Least Favourite Exercise: Burpee box jump

    Proud Moment: Completing my first Spartan

    Favourite Class: Punchin

    Funniest Moment: Witnessing  my dad’s fall off the incline monkey bars the day before ETS opened.

    Favourite Movie/TV Show : Home and Away 
    Fav music to train too: Boppin tune playlist on Spotify
    A on-fitness/sports hobby you enjoy: Surfing & spending time with the fam.
    First Job: ETS creche 
    Someone who inspires you: My mum

  • Beau Rosin - Personal Trainer

    From a young age I have been athletic, from doing little Athletics, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby league, Rugby Union and school sports such as Badminton, Ping pong, and Volleyball. Being in representative sides of sport throughout school and representing multiple teams, clubs and schools, I take pride in and support my colours!

    Being heavily involved in sports throughout my childhood, I decided to push for a career in the fitness industry, and put my knowledge and studies into helping those in need, any age and fitness levels.

    Favourite Movie/TV Show: Avatar the last air-bender
    Non Fitness/Sports Hobby:
    Favourite Music to Train to: Upbeat hip hop
    First Job: Red Rooster
    Someone Who Inspires Me: Mum

  • Sarah Mauger - Personal Trainer

    My name is Sarah Mauger and I am a personal trainer at ETS Compound.
    I love working with people to enhance their quality of life through exercise and to help them achieve personal fitness and lifestyle goals. I have been active in the fitness industry in Rockhampton for 14 years and I am to finish my Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science this year which continues to add to my knowledge and experience I can impart on my clientele. 

    Favourite food: My homemade nachos and COFFEE
    Favourite exercise: Strongman exercises or anything heavy
    Least favourite exercise: Running
    Proudest moment: Becoming a mother and watching my 2 boys achieve their sporting goals
    Favourite class: I haven’t tried them all yet but I love the variety of Headliner. 
    Favourite movie: Bridesmaids
    Non fitness/sport hobby: Caravanning with my family
    Favourite music: Country - love Morgan Wallen and Hardy 
    Inspirational person: My parents
    First job: Crazy Clark’s

  • Kylie Savage - Creche Team Leader

    Hi, Im Kylie and I am the Creche Team Leader. I have always worked with children of all ages from Child Care to Child Safety. I have a Diploma In Community Services along with many other certificates and training qualifications to work with children. I have been a member of ETS for years and mainly do the 5am classes.
    Favourite Food: Chocolate!
    Favourite Exercise: Anything Weights
    Least Favourite: Running
    Proud Moment: My children give me proud moments daily!
    Favourite Class: Swagger/Flexor/ Trouper/ Headliner or Delta.
    Favourite Movie/TV Show: Will n Grace
    Favourite Music To Train To: Anything upbeat
    A Non Fitness/Sport Hobby: Time with my grandson and reading.
    First Job: Child care
    Who Inspires Me: My children inspire me to always do better in life and be the best possible version of myself.

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