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This package includes access to all our 5 week challenges in 2024. Take care of your health and fitness this year and transform your life with our challenges.

Challenge 1# 5th February 
Challenge 2# 8th July 
Challenge 3# 4th November

All challenges will include the minimum of the below:

✓ 2 x Evolt 360 Body Scans
✓ 5 Week Nutrition Plan
✓ 5 Week Shopping Lists
✓ 200+ Page Recipe Booklet
✓ Supplement Guide
✓ Personal Psychological Handbook
✓ Strength Programs via our APP
✓ Weekend Adventure Bootcamps
✓ Weekly Set Goals/Challenges
✓ Pre Challenge Meet & Greet Event
✓ Pre Challenge Info Seminar
✓ Before and After Fitness Testing
✓ Before and After Transformation Profiles
✓ Online Coaching and Support Group
✓ Coach Check-Ins Weekly

NOTE: This pack includes registrations for all 3 challenges ETS is running in 2024. There will be NO refunds for this package deal. This package deal is for members only. Non members can become members at ETS to redeem this deal. ETS will send you a confirmation of registration for each challenge :)


What happens if I join as a non-member?

If you join as a non-member, you will need to complete some paperwork upon your first arrival to the ETS Compound which includes our contract containing terms and conditions. If you are not participating locally in Rockhampton, please email us at and we will arrange to have this paperwork emailed to you instead.

What is the refund policy on this challenge?

Please note that we do not provide refunds for our ETS Challenges once the documentation has been emailed to our challengers.

Do I have to live in Rockhampton to participate?

No! You can participate and complete this challenge from ANYWHERE! If you are not local, you will obviously miss the challenge bootcamps at the ETS Compound and will need to complete the alternative provided. If you wish to attend the post-challenge break-up party, you will also need to pay for travel/accommodation (if required).

I have more questions. Who and how should I ask them?

We would love to answer your questions! Please send them to or visit our The ETS Compound Facebook page and ask there!

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